To Setup the log list you must first grab your Cobb Tuning Accessport.

Once you have your AP (Access-port) you will need to scroll to the setup button once here select the middle button to enter the settings menu.

Configure Data-logger.

At this screen you can change how many gauges your main display screen has, change your display units, setup your shift light and also set the log list up which is the next step.

2008+ STI Log List.

AF Correction #1
AF Learning #1
AF Sens 1 Ratio
AVCS Exh.Left
AVCS Exh.Right
AVCS IN. Right
CL Fuel Target
Calculated Load
Comm Fuel Final
Coolant Temp
Dyn. ADV. Mult
Ethanol Final
FP Diff Actual
FP Diff Comp
Feedback Knock
Fine Knock Learn
Ignition Timing
Inj Duty
Intake Temp

Maf ( If maf tuning)

Maf Volt ( If maf tuning)
SD VE (Comm.) (if sd)

SNS Only rear o2
TD boost error
Throttle Pos.
Vehicle Speed
Wastegate Duty

You are done! Now just click save.

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