Ethanol Fuel Mixture Calculator

Use this calculator to detiremine how much gasoline and E85 ethanol to add to your gas tank to top it off to a desired ethanol precentage.

What’s In Your Gas Tank?

Tell us about how big your tank is and how much and what’s in there.

Tank Size (gals)

Fuel Level %

Fuel Ethanol %

What’s Your Desired Result?

Tell us about the E85 and Gasoline that you are using and what the ethanol percentage you want when the tank is full.

Desired Ethanol %

* Typical values are 30, 60, or 85 percent.

E85 Ethanol %

* E85 Ethanol content can vary.

   get a testing kit

Gas Ethanol %

* Most 91/93 fuel contains 10% ethanol.

Fuel Mixing Instructions

Fill out the form above and press CALCULATE to get your fuel mixing instructions.

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