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Already Running our tune?

Make sure it's running the best it can be!

Turbo car's are amazing! Let's face it without forced induction life would be boring...  Along with boost come's, LEAKS!   This is one of the many reasons you should always keep an eye on your cars health.

We want to know that our tunes are always running the best they can be.  If your currently running a tune by us regardless of when it was done you are always welcome to send in a "Health Check Email"  ( Currently Cobb Tunes only) 

If we have any updates since you have been tuned we will add those as well.

**** NOTE****  If you have changed parts since we tuned it.. This will not work for you, you will need a retune.

Start off by doing the following:

Scroll to the top of page and find the year and logging list for your car. Ensure the AP is setup correctly for the logs.

Next clear out at any old data-logs you may have saved on your AP.  This will save you confusion later on when sending the logs.  You will use Cobb's provided AP manager to do this.  Save any of your old logs that you may wish to keep before deleting. While you do this, it's a good time to create a folder to your car on the PC. "20XX WRX Cobb Files" Anything you want! The name does not matter.

Now you are ready to log.

With the car warmed up to at least 170*F Start a log at idle. Just let it idle and turn AC on and OFF a few times.   Total time of log needed 2-3 min.

After that,  You will do a cruise log.  Start the log before leaving your starting point.  Simply drive around like you normally would drive the car.  We are not looking for power, just your daily driving.  Checking the cruising part of the tune.

And lastly a power pull. Please use a safe place like a race track or such private roads allow you to perform such action.

3rd gear pull from 3000RPM to 300RPM before you revlimit.  So if its 7000 Rev to 6700. If its 8000 rev to 7700. So that's 3000RPM 100% throttle to 300 RPM before you limit.  In sport sharp mode if you have it.

With the logs all saved on the AP.  Again use access-port manager to transfer the logs to the folder you created earlier. Also at this time Save the tune file from the Access-port manager software as well.

Your email should end up like this:

Subject line:  " Tune health Check"

Body,  Your name. Where it was tuned.  Last time spark plugs were changed. What Fuel. And note any issues if you have them.

4 files should be attached in total.

3 Logs, Idle , Cruise , Wot. 

1 Tune file.

Use email to send them to when finished.  If unsure please ask us any questions via the chat window. This is a free included service, please understand we get a'lot of emails. We will get to yours, if its been more than two weeks please reach out.

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