**Expect to see between the following for Power**


Stage 1


E30 Fuel Mixture

  • 290-325 WHP
  • 290-350 WTQ




E30 Fuel Mixture

  • 315-350 WHP
  • 320-360 WTQ



    We have been working on the FA20 Since its Debut in the Subaru world.

    One thing NO one will argue, The FA20 LOVES some good ole Ethanol. 


    Reasons you need to buy this tune:

    You're having knock issues with current Fuel

    You want more power

    You want to pay less at the pump

    Want 30+ HP Over 93/91 Octane?


    It can be completed in a few days for customers who hot spot and log quickly. 


    It takes roughly 4 Gallons of TESTED E85 blended with 91/93 for the rest to make E30.


    We chose E30 blend's as it's a safe ethanol blend to achieve the HUGE power gains we see while staying within the safe limits of the OEM fuel system.


    Your Stage 1 and want this? You gain big power

    Your Stage 2 and want this? You gain big power



    What do you need????!:

    1. Basic Math Skills ( Download an app to measure the fuel to get the correct level)
    2. Ethanol fuel
    3. This tune
    4. A Cobb AP
    5. Read the instructions on the site, and to follow the youtube videos we have on our channel.(https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0MOgvPRvcOmY9kh4g6OI_oNH8zbjsh0u)
    6. Around 350.00
    7. A car ready to tune
    8. You do NOT need a flex-fuel kit for this tune.



    This tune should yield a decent driver a low 12-second pass.  



    Within 24 hours of purchase, you will get an email requesting car info. If you do not receive this right away please email the following info with your order number as the subject.

    Year, Make, ModeBe the fastest out of your friends! Get Mtuned Today. l, Ap Serial number, Mods pertaining to the engine. 

    M-Tuned E30 Pro E-Tune. Custom E-Tune 2015+ WRX

    • No refunds on custom tuning. 

    • Not for sale or use in California.  IF you cannot purchase Cobb Product's in your state the tunes can not be provided either.