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2008+ Wrx/sti Stage 2 Etune

Stage 2 (Aftermarket intake +Catted DP)                                                                        
The Mtuned stage 2 file is for the guy who wants to get the rumble and more. This file will adjust the ecu for the new found catted exhaust flow and Intake system.                                                                         

The stage 2 file addresses the rev drop you may sometimes get at redlights or when pushing clutch in. Idle RPM targets are raised to help keep oil pressure up in idling conditions.  Fan switching can be adjusted for free if noted during check out. 

*New ACVS Mapping                                                                        
*New Timing Curve                                                                        
*New Target Boost                                                                        
*New Wastegate Duty Mapping                                                                        
*New Fuel Curve                                                                        
*NEW TGV Mapping                                                                        
*Boost Limiters Adjusted                                                                        
*New Injection timing if needed                                                                        
*Closed loop Fueling (15+WRX)                                                                        
*New Maf Curve                                                                        
*Virtual Dyno Upon Request                                                                                                     

This file can NOT be ran with E30 Mix, Check other listings for E30 WRX Tune.             

  • NO REFUNDS on Tuning.

Valet Map + 50.00
Anti Theft Map. (Wont start) +25.00
Upgraded Turbo