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Professional Engine Calibrator With 10 Years+ Of Cobb Subaru Experience.


Finding the limits.

We are always working to push every platform we support from a enjoyable daily driver, to a 1000HP setup.  We have tested and seen most packages and can work together with you to achieve your goals the first time.

Extensive FA20 Experience

Tuner behind the Current Quickest 1/4Mile FA20 Powered WRX. As of (9/26/19)  9.89@139 The First and ONLY FA20 to achieve the 9 Second pass. 

Ej25 Roots.

We Started tuning the EJ25 In 2009 With Cobb, And 10 years later we are still at it. No stranger to making the EJ25 get down the 1320 or around some of the most famous road courses around the globe. Current fastest EJ25 tuned by Mtuned on cobb is 8.78@161 making it one of the top 5 fastest Cobb Subaru’s around.