2015+ WRX/STI OTS Stage 2 Map.




What this is? This tune is for the guy who is looking to have a little more power, little more options out of his tune.

This is NOT a Full E-tune meaning you are purchasing a file that you flash. If this file does not preform correctly chances are high you have a mechanical issue.


If you believe your car has issues Please contact us immediately.


Reasons a Stage 2 OTS map might be for you:


AfterMarket Intake (The FA20 MUST be tuned SPECIFIC for the intake you are running. Even a change in airfilter brand or shape can throw it off.)

Aftermarket catted exhaust.

You are looking for full time closed loop. (Fuel Correction under boost by o2 sensor)

You have installed parts that are no longer allowing car to run correctly and are not ready for a custom tune


Looking for a more responsive throttle curve 

Looking to switch ecu compensations to Manifold air temp (Important for guys on TMIC)

For extra power with ease of a single flash .


Please message us if you have any questions about this file being correct for you.


This file is safe for 93/91 Octane






Your car MUST have no boost leaks/vac leaks.

We suggest fresh plugs every 30,000 miles along with walnut blasting.


Hardware Requirements: Stage 2- Otherwise stock vehicle with the following mods: Intake Requirements: Stock, Or Aftermarket intake. Exhaust requirements: Stock exhaust or upgraded cat-back exhaust Stage 2 will not work if you have a: aftermarket 3 port, BOV, EWG,Upgraded Turbo, Upgraded Manifold.


Once you check out you will recieve an email from us within buisness hours to start the OTS process. 

Stage 2 2015+ WRX OTS map. One free revision included.

Speed Density

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