2015+ WRX OTS Stage 1 Map.


What this is? This tune is for the guy who is looking to have a little more power, little more options out of his tune.

This is NOT a Full E-tune meaning you are purchasing a file that you flash.


If this file does not perform correctly chances are high you have a mechanical issue. If you believe your car has issues Please contact us immediately.


Reasons a Stage 1 OTS map might be for you: AfterMarket Intake (The FA20 MUST be tuned SPECIFIC for the intake you are running. Even a change in air filter brand or shape can throw it off.)

You are looking for a full time closed loop. (Fuel Correction under boost by o2 sensor) Looking for a more responsive throttle curve 2018+

Looking to switch ECU compensations to Manifold air temp (Important for guys on TMIC) For extra power with ease of a single flash.


Please message us if you have any questions about this file being correct for you.


This file is safe for 93/91 Octane


Your car MUST have no boost leaks/vac leaks.


We suggest fresh plugs every 30,000 miles along with walnut blasting.


Hardware Requirements: Stage1 - Otherwise stock vehicle with the following mods: Intake Requirements: Stock, Or Aftermarket intake. Exhaust requirements: Stock exhaust system.

2015+ WRX/STI Stage 1 OTS Includes One Revision.

$150.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
Speed Density
  • No Returns ON DIGITAL Products.(Tune files)

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